A vision should be understood as the attainment of a long-term objective (20 years) that is measurable and doable.

What do we want?

“We seek an integrating Basque society that creates the conditions whereby, as citizens, we are proud of belonging to our land because we fulfil our needs as human beings, with an excellent quality compatible with an acceptable cost. All this according to humanistic ethics based on honesty and solidarity”.

What’s our goal?

“Within 20 years, we should be at the forefront in Spain and be amongst the first five EU territories and/or countries of a similar size and socio-economic status, in terms of the following: Employment, GDP, Education (Primary, Secondary, Occupational and Higher), Health, and Care for the Elderly, among other key variables”.

This objective calls for projects that adapt our traditional virtues -work well done, everyday endeavour, the assumption of risks, etc.- to today’s realities.

We need to restore our concern for what really matters, for co-existence, for solidarity, and for the observance of the most basic ethical standards, within a high degree of social cohesion favoured by a fair distribution of wealth.

New projects should be exciting, generating expectations, promising, and providing information and, above all, be marshalled by strong leaders with professional and personal credibility.