International experts

Igor Calzada (Professor and Researcher, Oxford University, UK)

“I thank you very much for the information about the interesting process “Metropolitan Bilbao 2035”. Certainly, it is a priority for the future of Metropolitan Bilbao in particular, and for Euskadi in general.”


Bernd Fessel (Senior Advisor, ECCE- European Centre for Creative Economy, Germany)

“We are honored by your invitation to contribute to the Bilbao Strategy 2035.

I want to take this opportunity to deepen our cooperation, especially in the Network for Innovations in Culture and Creativity. ECCE would be happy to contribute in a substantial way to your anniversary.”


Sho Hagio (Vice-Director, Center for Promotion of Internationalization, Nagoya Institute of Technology NITech, Japan)

“It is my honor and pleasure to be informed of your Strategy for Metropolitan Bilbao for 2035. I have looked through your draft document, just to find it considerably elaborated as well as challenging.

I feel that you are attempting to preserve a socio-economic balance between efficiency and fairness (or equity)”


Charles Landry (Founder, Comedia, UK)

“The document is clear and concise. Clearly I appreciate your focus on values and the elements within those.”


Luis Raul Matos (Director of the Governance Program for Latin America at the Graduate School of Political Management, George Washington University, USA)

“Me parece una excelente iniciativa y con mucho gusto aporto mi pequeño grano de arena al Proyecto.

I consider it is an excellent initiative and gladly contribute to the Project.”


Klaus North (Professor, Dr. International Business Administration, Wiesbaden University, Germany)

“The ‘Metropolitan Bilbao 2035’ strategy is a very deep document covering a universe of topics.

The document reflects much a thought of engineers designing a new society and entrepreneurs who implement it.

Concerning the change, I suggest integrating the thoughts of the Nobel Prize for Economics, Daniel Kahneman, brilliantly described in his book ‘Thinking, Fast and Slow’.

I hope it will result a good document that will help guide the people from Bilbao to find viable paths to a happy future.”


Juana María Orozco (Managing Board of Strategic Plan of Ciudad Juarez, Mexico)

“I’ve been and I’m still a “fan” of Bilbao Metropoli-30 and whenever it is appropriate, I mention it as an example of civic revitalization and public-private cooperation. Thanks for taking me into account.

I have carefully read the document and I have shared it with some actors of this community interested and engaged in the progress of the city and they were all amazed and envious (in a good sense of the word). We all agree that the realities of Bilbao and Cd. Juarez cannot be more dissimilar. You have a consolidated, compact, progressive city, with strong institutions and credibility.

Greetings and congratulations on the success achieved.”


Michel Sudarskis (Secretary General, INTA, The Hague, The Netherlands)

“I reply with some comments to your excellent document on the Future of Bilbao.

Tensions, inequalities and conflicts of interests should be recognized as permanent elements creating complexity and uncertainty in urban development.

The key variables are those under the control or influence of Bilbao. Other sets of variable are outside this control: global transformation of modes of living, moving around and working through the impact of socio-demographic changes and the digital economy; climate change; capacity to fund the development without debt while maintaining a stable tax system over a long period not mentioning the changing role of the State and Regional Authorities.

Another key question is how to take into account the increase autonomy of communities wanting to manage by themselves their living environment.

I hope they remain constructive.”


Leo van den Berg (Director, EURICUR, Rotterdam, The Netherlands)

“The document shows that the passion and vision within Bilbao Metropoli-30 is still there after almost 25 years!

As you know, I had the pleasure to visit your organization several times, and I was impressed by the way you have succeeded to organize the Bilbao metropolitan region in a very innovative and sophisticated way. That is why we presented Metropoli-30 as a best practice on modern metropolitan governance in our book “Metropolitan Organizing Capacity” (…)

Looking at your new strategy, again I can say that in my opinion you are very state of the art. It is in harmony with the findings of our most recent international comparative research on desired urban management (…).”