About us

Bilbao Metropoli 30 is a non-profit public-private association, created in 1991, which reflects on the future of the Bilbao metropolitan area.

Our mission consists of:

  • Promote the revitalization process of Metropolitan Bilbao, through projects that contribute to the prosperity and well-being of the citizens of the metropolis.
  • Promote strategic thinking about the future of our metropolis with our partners and for our partners.
  • Bring to our metropolis the most avant-garde and pioneering international thinking on urban development in the world.
  • Work on the development of projects in the metropolitan area.
  • Act as a catalyst for all ideas and objectives in a shared transformative vision in which all our efforts converge.
  • Generate international strategic alliances.
  • Promote and articulate the participation of civil society.
  • Develop public-private partnership initiatives aimed at our goals.