The Association “Bilbao Metropoli-30” has been formed to carry out planning, research and promotion projects, headed towards the recuperation and revitalization of Metropolitan Bilbao (defined as a social and economic reality without precise geographical limits and whose existence has been projected throughout its regional and international environment).

The Association for the Revitalization of Metropolitan Bilbao is an association of promotion and research, with full legal and patrimonial responsibility, established in May 1991and inscribed as number AS/B/03012/1991 in the Associations’ Register of the Basque Government. Its headquarters were established in Bilbao with the aim of carrying out investigation and promotion work for the revitalization of Metropolitan Bilbao, this last being mainly its territorial scope.

  • Principally, the Association drives the implementation of the Strategic Plan for the Revitalization of the Metropolitan Bilbao.
  • Secondly, the Association undertakes any type of actions derived from the Strategic Plan which are entrusted to its responsibility, and particularly, of those whose aim is the improvement of the external and internal image of Metropolitan Bilbao.
  • The Association, in third place, carries out study and research projects related to Metropolitan Bilbao, as well as other metropolis that, due to its circumstances, can provide useful knowledge.
  • In fourth place, the Association fosters the cooperation between public sector and private sector with the aim of finding joint solutions to problems of mutual interest that affect Metropolitan Bilbao.

The Association was recognized as “Public Utility Entity” by the Basque Government in June, 1992.