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Inspiring a revolution in urban innovation

Bilbao Metropoli 30 organized a new edition of the Metropolis of the Future International Seminars. This year the title was “INSPIRING A REVOLUTION IN URBAN […]

Pukyong University (South Korea)

Ji Hyun Seo, professor in the division of international studies at Pukyong University in the city of Busan (South Korea), visits Bilbao Metropoli 30. This […]

Albanian-American Development Foundation

A delegation from the Albanian-American Development Foundation visits the Association on behalf of the coastal city of Durres in Albania, where major changes are being […]

Chungbuk Research Institute (South Korea)

Three urban planning experts from Chungbuk Research Institute, a policy research organization in Chungbuk Province, South Korea, visit the association. They are interested in the […]

University of Viña del Mar (Chile)

Through the Basque-Navarre Official College of Architects, we received Maite Rivera, urban architect from Chile, for an investigation into regeneration and urban renewal processes in […]

URBAN REVOLUTION Aurrera! – The Bay Awards premiere

Bilbao Metropoli 30, the public-private partnership for the revitalization of the metropolitan area of Bilbao, has launched the process that will lead to the delivery […]

Chilean Chamber of Construction

A delegation from the Chilean Chamber of Construction, the most relevant construction organization in the country, visits Bilbao Metropoli 30 interested in the revitalization process […]

Placemaking Week Europe

Placemaking Europe, a non-profit foundation that connects professionals, academics, community leaders and policy makers across the field of urban construction, invited Bilbao Metropoli 30 as […]

European Metropolitan Authorities – EMA Forum 2023

Bilbao Metropoli 30 participates in the European Metropolitan Authorities – EMA Forum 2023, in technical representation of the Bilbao City Council, a member of the […]