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Rand Water (South Africa)

At the request of the South African Consulate, partner of Bilbao Metropoli-30, we received a delegation from Rand Water, a South African water company that […]

Tun Razak Exchange (Malaysia)

Tun Razak Exchange (TRX) is envisioned to be Malaysia’s world-class International Financial Centre. The project is located on a 70-acre site in the heart of […]

Ministry of Local and Regional Planning in Norway

We welcome Berit Skarholt, Deputy Director General of the Department for Planning in the Ministry of Local and Regional Planning in Norway. Se visits Bilbao […]

Lolland (Denmark)

We made a presentation to a delegation from the city of Lolland (Denmark). This municipality currently leads the green energy transition in Denmark and currently […]

Urban-environmental development agency of Bergen (Norway)

We have received a delegation from the urban-environmental development agency of Bergen (Norway). Bergen is known as “the gateway to the fjords” and has great […]

Surat (India)

Through Bilbao International, we received a delegation from Surat (India) who came to learn about the transformation process in Bilbao accompanied by World Bank staff. […]

Audencia Nantes École

We received a delegation of students from the Audencia Nantes École (France) interested in the revitalization process of Bilbao, at the request of the Institute […]

Danish Confederation of Professional Associations

The Association receives, at the request of Bilbao International, a delegation from the Danish Confederation of Professional Associations. This delegation is interested in the transformation […]

International Seminar “Metropolis of the future”

The Association Bilbao Metropoli-30 organized a new edition of the International Seminar “Metropolis of the future”, which was held on March 16 2022 in Sala […]