Strategic Planning

The Association “Bilbao Metropoli-30” has been formed to carry out planning, research and promotion projects, headed towards the recuperation and revitalization of Metropolitan Bilbao (defined as a social and economic reality without precise geographical limits and whose existence has been projected throughout its regional and international environment). Accordingly, and always with the backing of institutions and associate companies, Bilbao Metropoli-30 is focusing its work on developing the strategic review and planning processes, with the aim being to revitalise Metropolitan Bilbao.


Strategic Reflection 2035. Scenario Analysis


Bilbao Metropoli-30 launches a new stage in Strategic Reflection 2035 in conjunction with its member organisations, following the presentation of the advances this project has made in 2017-18 at the Ordinary and Extraordinary General Meeting held on 4 June 2018. This collective process is part of different lines of work informed by the contributions made by Bilbao Metropoli-30’s members according to the strategic guidelines defined as the pillars of the future outlook in place for Bilbao’s metropolitan area. The aim of this process is to reflect in a collective manner, analyse future objectives, and propose specific projects regarding different strategic approaches within each key variable, with the corresponding formation of different groups.


Within this framework, and with our sights set on the launch meeting to be held on 30 October, a call has been made to institutional, socio-economic, academic and public stakeholders directly linked to each thematic area with a view to pooling knowledge and proposing objectives and initiatives that will help to achieve the strategic goals defined in this collective discussion. This will involve setting up the following groups: Co-creation of wellbeing; Sustainable future; Interconnected and smart metropolitan landscape; New job-creating economies; River and networks; Shared governance in metropolitan areas, Komunitatea (Community); and Nortasuna eta hiria (Identity and city).


Metropolitan Bilbao 2035. Looking to the future

May 2016

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May 2011

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January 2005

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April 2001

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November 1999

Strategic Plan for the Revitalization of the Metropolitan Bilbao

March 1992

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