As stated in its Statutes, the Association Bilbao Metropoli-30 aims to carry out planning, promotion and study actions aimed at revitalizing Metropolitan Bilbao.

In the first place, the Association will be in charge of promoting a sustained Strategic Reflection on the long-term vision of Metropolitan Bilbao, coordinating the participation of its associated entities.

Secondly, the Association may undertake any actions derived from the above purpose and functions, entrusted to its responsibility and, in particular, anything that has the purpose of improving the internal and external image of Metropolitan Bilbao.

Thirdly, the Association may order the carrying out of study or research projects aimed at deepening the knowledge of the situation of Metropolitan Bilbao, as well as of other metropolises that, due to their circumstances, allow obtaining some useful teaching.

Fourth, the Association will promote the cooperation of the public and private sectors to reach joint solutions to problems of mutual interest that affect Metropolitan Bilbao. In particular, you will be able to participate in specific initiatives promoting the incorporation of as many public or private actors as can contribute to their success.

The recipients of any benefits that may arise from the activities of this Association will be, in any case, indeterminate groups of people, in particular, the community that can be included in the concept of the Metropolitan Area of Bilbao and the one that is included within what can be be its radius of influence, being able to project its field of action to the whole of the Basque Country.