Science & Technology

The challenge our society faces today due to the accelerated advance of global Science & Technology is both considerable and complex. The ability to respond effectively requires society to be initially aware of it, of its demands, of the changes in organisation and focus it requires, and of the necessary actions, many of which are long-term. In short, it requires a scientific-technological culture that will permeate through society as a whole. Among the numerous actions that are deemed to be important, we should single out the need for quality scientific?technical information. In a democratic society, only a population that has been made aware of the problems, options and consequences it faces can ensure a steady broadening of its scientific?technological culture.

Technology should be addressed as a shared key variable within the different spheres of life in society:

  • Within compulsory education.
  • Within society.
  • Within the Public Administrations.
  • Within financial institutions: There is a need for a financial current that embraces the goal of technology funding. This is reminiscent of the large Basque banks that operated under the auspices of last century’s industrial development. No sustainable technological development will be possible without the support of the financial sector.
  • Within Business: Those firms of sufficient size are better positioned to invest in technology and development, so we need to ensure our companies are large enough to convey their needs in technology.
  • Within Higher Education and Technology Centres: Each one within their ambit, albeit with permeable boundaries between them, identifying the basic sectors of technological and business development, appealing to global talent and expertise, and above all “connected” to the world’s most advanced hubs. Strategic agreements with globally renowned centres will provide the necessary leverage for ensuring this society will progress along this path.
  • Within the media: The media may also help to construct a metropolis and contribute to the growth of this technology kernel by reporting on relevant success stories, informing on technology, and opening up to the world of knowledge.

This multi-layered development will bring technological development to the fore as the cornerstone for the metropolitan area’s economic development and prosperity.