Workshop on funding search for your entrepreneurial project

On June 20 at the Basque Economist Assotiation there is a workshop on funding search for your entrepreneurial project within the activities pursued by the BasquePRO Elkargoak, the professional associations have decided to create an intercollegiate platform to support entrepreneurship, in response to a need expressed by its membership network. The event is designed to provide a setting for networking and for showcasing the different opportunities that different professions may offer in the creation and development of enterprising ideas, being framed within a season of collegiate networking events within the BasquePRO Elkargoak initiative.



Mª Luz del Cura (Ekonomistak) & Idoia Postigo (Bilbao Metropoli-30)


Proyecto embrionario: Mónica Garate (Momentu) & Javier Mata (Bultz Lan)

Proyecto incipiente: Idurre Arzuaga (Seed Capital)

Proyecto consolidado: Carlos Ruiz de Arkaute (Caixabank)

Crecimiento empresarial: Jokin Cearra (Cámara Bilbao) & Nagore Ardanza (Orkestra)

14:10 Networking lunch.


15:30 Closing