A Synergies workshop is to be held at BEAZ on 26 March within the framework of the ANDREkintzailea programme headed by the Provincial Council of Bizkaia’s Department of Economic and Territorial Development, coordinated by Bilbao Metropoli-30, and in collaboration with the Association of Women Entrepreneurs and Executives of Bizkaia (AED) and Emakumeekin, an association in support of women entrepreneurs.

About Synergies

This chaired event involves a workshop for discussing projects and awareness and dissemination proposals in partnership with business women and female entrepreneurs. It is designed for those women with their own businesses that are seeking to forge links for cooperating with other women. The workshop adopts a creative approach to enable progress to be made, laying the foundations for jointly tackling the real needs of companies and the women running them. Chaired by Miren Lauzirika (Art for Life! and EmakumeEkin).