Workshops on the Promotion of a Sustainable Economy. Strategic Areas Getxo 2020

From 2 to 15 February 2017, the facilities of the “Getxo Elkartegia” business centre holds the “Workshops on the Promotion of a Sustainable Economy. Strategic Areas Getxo 2020”, sponsored by the Getxo Local Authority in partnership with Bilbao Metropoli 30.

The workshops are designed to advance specific proposals that will help to develop and dynamise economic initiatives within the strategic areas defined for the city of Getxo: Cultural and Creative Industries; Sports and Wellbeing Technologies and Industries; and Cultural and Wellness Tourism, with a commitment to Social Innovation.

For five days, institutional delegates and professionals from different firms discuss and share their experiences in these sectors with those attending. On the one hand, they address practical experiences of professionalisation in these areas, and on the other, they analyse the requirements for the pursuit of a project in Getxo.

  • 2 February. Getxo Smart Specialisation: “a commitment to the Promotion of a Sustainable Economy”
  • 7 February. Getxo ICC: “a commitment to Cultural and Creative Industries”
  • 9 February. Getxo IS: “a commitment to Social Innovation”
  • 14 February: Getxo TIDB: “a commitment to Sports and Wellbeing Technologies and Industries”
  • 15 February: Getxo’s commitment to Tourism: “GFG2 – Cooking Getxo’s culinary future” [Hotel Tamarises Izarra Restaurant]

The following are being held on each day:

– Practical experiences. Experts in Strategic Scenarios Getxo 2020

– Workshops: And what do you need to pursue your project in Getxo?

Entry to the sessions is free, and they are designed mainly for people interested in starting up a business within these scenarios in Getxo, or those already working in them.

Place: Getxo Elkartegia (Ogoño, 1 – Las Arenas)
Time: 10:00 to 14:00
Organisation: Getxolan-Promoción Económica del Ayuntamiento de Getxo
                 Fundación Juan Bautista Zabala
Technical Assistance: Bilbao Metropoli-30

More information and inscriptions at Getxolan, tel. 94 466 01 40 or

Social networks: @getxolan  #GetxoPRO
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