Bilbao 2010: Strategic Review

With a view to suitably responding to such challenges as the globalisation of markets, the transformation of social and economic structures, and information and communications technologies, in 1999 the Association focused its efforts on the project “Bilbao 2010. Strategic Review”, which involved over 300 national and international experts and was backed by the proven experience of 16 metropolises from around the world.

The strategic keys to this project were presented to the partners at the Extraordinary General Meeting held on 25 November 1999, chaired by the Lehendakari, the Basque Government’s First Minister. These keys are designed to transform Metropolitan Bilbao into a place of opportunities, where ideas become real. Thanks to the major investment drive in physical infrastructures over the past decade, Metropolitan Bilbao may now move its main focus to the development of the values required for achieving this goal.

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