III edition of the ANDREkintzailea Programme for supporting enterprising women

A new edition of the Programme for the Mentoring, Coaching and Creativity of Enterprising Women -ANDREkintzailea- was launched on 14 April 2016. This programme, sponsored by the Provincial Council of Bizkaia’s Department of Economic and Territorial Development, is designed to support women entrepreneurs.

The programme is intended for those women who over the period 2014-2015 have received public funds from the provincial council for starting up their own company and/or who have registered as self-employed for the same purpose. The course includes several general and specific training workshops catering for each entrepreneur’s needs, as well as customised coaching and mentoring.

This is an initiative coordinated by Bilbao Metropoli-30 in partnership with the Association of Women Entrepreneurs and Executives of Bizkaia (AED), Emakumeekin, and Peopleing.