VIII edition of the Talentia/Skills in Bizkaia programme

Eighth edition of the Talentia/Skills in Bizkaia programme, previously Competencies for Professionalism Programme, in which 720 students take part and which from the start has involved almost a thousand participants, at the University of Deusto, the University of the Basque Country and Mondragon University.

This programme is led by Bizkaia Talent in the framework of the Talentia Service and supported by Bilbao Metropoli-30 and some professional associations: Basque Association of Economists, Association of Chemists and Chemical Engineers of the Basque Country, Association of Civil Engineers of the Basque Country, and the Industrial Engineers Association of Bizkaia.

The aim of the programme in question is to enable students to design a life and career plan based on their own interests and aspirations, thereby providing a tool for their development that will lead to greater personal and professional fulfilment.

This programme will provide students with the assistance of expert professionals for the design of each one’s own plan based on their academic and co-curricular activities; develop their own portfolio with the skills and competencies acquired during their degree course, and learn to offer their talent to firms and organisations by focusing on the creation of value and wellbeing.

The programme consists of a series of group workshops on mainstream competencies and peer mentoring, group coaching sessions, and social action schemes.