Strategic values for Armenian towns and cities

The strategic values of Metropolitan Bilbao 2035 – A Strategic Review have been the focus of attention for a delegation of Armenian local authorities that are visiting several Basque towns and cities in order to learn about their experiences and gather information on their different management areas. The visiting party, made up of delegates from thirteen towns and cities in Armenia, has been invited to Euskadi-The Basque Country following an agreement between the Council of Europe and the Association of Basque Local Authorities (EUDEL).

The director general of Bilbao Metropoli-30, Alfonso Martinez Cearra, has spoken to the delegates about Bilbao’s transformation process, based on planning and projects, and has introduced them to Metropolitan Bilbao 2035 – A Strategic Review, launched on 9 May this year, and which is informed by strategic values of considerable interest to these local politicians from Armenia.