Master Plan for the Integral Revitalisation of Old Havana (Cuba)

Tecnalia, one of Bilbao Metropoli-30’s partners, is involved in a project with the Havana City Historian’s Office, with one of its goals being to establish a discussion forum for debate and cooperation on the options for the urban and tourist regeneration of Havana Bay. With this purpose in mind, a series of international exchange and briefing visits have been arranged to a number of chosen cities for learning about their transformation processes, among which are Amsterdam, Hamburg and Bilbao.

The aim is to gain an understanding of the overall view Bilbao Metropoli-30 can provide of the process that led to Bilbao’s wholesale transformation, its strategic model, and the governance system that marshalled this process in the city. The delegation is made up of three people involved in the Master Plan for the Integral Revitalisation of Old Havana, the entity responsible for urban management and planning.