City of Navotas (Philippines)

Through the intermediary of the Honorary Consulate of the Philippines in Bilbao, partner of BM30, an institutional delegation of the city of Navotas is received, headed by its mayor, Mr. John Reynald M. Tiangco, as well as personnel of the municipality in charge of urban planning.

The Filipino delegation wants to take the Bilbao model as a reference for its transformation process, aimed at improving the quality of life of citizens and achieving a more sustainable city. The municipal representation of Navotas has visited Bilbao Metropoli-30 where it has known the strategy followed to design and implement the Plan of Revitalization of Metropolitan Bilbao.

Navotas is located north of Manila, in the area called ‘Metro Manila’. With a population of 250,000, it is known as the Capital of Philippine Fisheries, since the majority of its population is linked to fisheries and industries related to this sector.