Iberoamerican public leaders

At the request of Bilbao City Council, the Association welcomes a joint delegation of Spanish and Iberoamerican leaders visiting Bilbao on 16 November with a view to learning about the city’s transformation process.

The delegation involves 20 people (15 civil servants and representatives from public institutions in Latin America, accompanied by five delegates from BBVA, Fundación Carolina and CAF) within the framework of the 2nd edition of the Fundación Carolina’s Public Leadership Programme. The programme targets public agents and experts from government departments in Spain and Ibero-America, as well as council leaders and top management in local and municipal authorities, in general. It addresses priority issues for the territorial governance of the future, adopting an approach that considers the role of public and private agents and their mutual cooperation.

The delegation is received by the Mayor of Bilbao, Juan Mari Aburto, and the councillor for the mayor’s office, Gotzone Sagardui, who will provide an overall view of Bilbao itself together with a description of the city’s administrative management, as the driving force behind the recovery of urban environments. The party is then received by the Director General of Bilbao Metropoli-30, who describes the urban transformation process affecting Bilbao and its metropolitan area, the Association’s role in it, and the vision for the future enshrined in the Strategic Reflection 2035 plan.