World Metropolitan Day 2023

The metropolis that we dream of is made up of multiple and diverse elements that, like pieces of a puzzle, complete a human, sustainable, fair and supportive image that fills us with hope and pushes us to continue working for metropolitan citizenship in its entirety and for generations to come. And a radically necessary piece of that metropolitan puzzle is nature.

At Bilbao Metropoli 30 we are aware that our metropolis needs to respect, integrate and coexist harmoniously with nature if it wants to survive.

Therefore, on the occasion of the celebration of World Metropolitan Day, which this year has the title “The power of nature”, Bilbao Metropoli 30 wants to support and make visible the work that our associated entities carry out, each one from their scope and responsibility, so that Nature, this piece of the puzzle, occupies the strategic place it deserves in the construction of our metropolis.