Bilbao Advisory Committee for the Basque Language

In 2016, the Bilbao Local Authority’s Department of the Basque Language and Education has set up the Bilbao Advisory Committee for the Basque Language (Bilboko Euskararen Aholku Batzordea-EAB) for consultation and briefing on the promotion of the mainstream and widespread use of this language (euskera) within the different spheres of everyday life in Bilbao.

The Bilbao Local Authority has requested the support of the Bilbao Metropoli-30 Association for coordinating the committee’s strategic secretariat in recognition of the latter’s experience and expertise in launching and dynamising participatory processes involving civil society. In addition, the Labayru Foundation is collaborating in the project as the committee’s technical secretariat.

The Advisory Committee for the Basque Language – Aholku Batzordea has met in December 2018. The meeting has involved the presentation of a report on the eleven-day celebration of the Basque language – Euskaraldia 2018, together with an assessment of its results in Bilbao and Euskadi-The Basque Country.

In addition, a report has been submitted on the resources and budget corresponding to the promotion of the Basque language – Euskera by the Bilbao Local Authority, together with the activities undertaken within the Action Plan/Ekintza Plana (ESEP) and the Udalaren Erabilera Plana 2018-2022 (a scheme for promoting the everyday use of Basque in local councils).

Finally, Aholku Batzordea’s own schedule of forthcoming activities has been presented.