Uniport/Comunidad Portuaria

Uniport/Comunidad Portuaria is a non-profit making association that constitutes what is known as “the Port of Bilbao Cluster” as a representative of a strategic sector for the Basque Country. It’s made up of companies comitted to their customers and to their port. From all points of view – the economic, social, cultural etc, the Port of Bilbao is a strategic factor in the economy of its hinterland, both for the wealth generated by its own activities and the role it plays in boosting the economy in its surroundings.

Through cooperation its members have set the following objectives to be achieved: Improvement in competitiveness (that is, the Port of Bilbao should work better and better all the time) and Promotion (to make the Port of Bilbao and its services better known, as a formula to contributing a differential value).

Bilbao Metropoli-30 is member of Uniport/Comunidad Portuaria and its Board of Directors and takes part in the General Assembly and the Board Meetings.