ST3 with Bruce Katz: «Metropolitan Bilbao, maker of its own future»

Bilbao Metropoli-30 organizes the keynote speech “METROPOLITAN BILBAO, MAKER OF ITS OWN FUTURE”, given by Bruce Katz, a renowned international expert on issues of development and competitiveness of cities and head of the housing and urban transition team of the Obama Administration.

The event takes place on November 4 in the CRAI Library of the University of Deusto (Atrium) in the format of a breakfast-colloquium and will revolve around the importance of new ways of financing of urban projects and the reinforced role of the different public-private collaboration schemes.

This initiative is part of the ST3 (Strategic Trends Think Tank) cycle, which aims to invite top-level international experts to Bilbao to address the uncertainties and opportunities of cities and regions from a strategic perspective.

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