BasquePRO Elkargoak and Innolab

One of the goals pursued by BasquePRO involves identifying potential sources of  professional action, defining and disseminating the value of professionalism, and analysing the challenges and opportunities for its development in the region. Considering that both professional associations and their members are now facing a new scenario following the digital transformation of recent years, BasquePRO needs to know and develop the potential of technological innovation as a way of improving competitiveness and designing new projects in professional and corporate services.

Within the work performed for achieving this goal, we have had the opportunity to discover the Innolab innovation platform. One of its core purposes is to boost technological innovation in Basque society by specialising in information technology, and provide backing for the digitisation of companies and industries in the Basque Country and drive the creation of skilled employment.

Within the framework of this project, in February this year the professional associations within BasquePRO Elkargoak were invited to a meeting held by Bilbao Metropoli-30 for advancing in the implementation of a joint scheme with Innolab, with the aim being for these associations to use technology to define a value contribution for their members. On 8 April, an agreement was subscribed between Bilbao Metropoli-30 and Innolab for undertaking this project with twelve professional associations.