Urban-environmental development agency of Bergen (Norway)

We have received a delegation from the urban-environmental development agency of Bergen (Norway). Bergen is known as “the gateway to the fjords” and has great cultural environments where cultural heritage goes hand in hand with urban development. The city has high ambitions for sustainable mobility solutions and development of urban spaces and optimal land use, in a city with a clear policy of continuous densification in urban areas. The transformation of former industrial areas on the waterfront and along the coast is one of the city’s many objectives.

Urban-Environmental Development agency has capabilities in park and road operation, execution of park and road investments, clean-up of former landfills and waterfront pollution/environmental restoration, city services, management, administration, and planning and development. In their work they focus on the consequences of climate change, the need for citizen participation in urban development projects and making the city physically accessible to all (universal design). In short, they work through urban development to improve resilience.

They are interested in Bilbao’s perspective also vis-à-vis design (Unesco Design City) and the presence of design in everyday life, in functionality, comfort and visual appeal that improves people’s lives.