Red de Innovación Local (Argentina)

The Asociación welcomes a delegation from the local innovation network Red de Innovación Local (RIL), interested in learning about Metropolitan Bilbao’s revitalisation process. RIL is an Argentinean civil association that seeks to support the professionalisation of the public sector through the articulation of a network of cities. The delegation’s visit has been arranged through the Embassy of the Argentine Republic in Madrid, a member of Bilbao Metropoli-30.

Since it took its first steps in 2014, RIL has helped over a hundred and fifty municipal government teams through its different areas of expertise: Public Innovation, Management Tools, and Networking. In 2018, the area of Public Innovation launched a “Competition for Local Innovators”, with a view to fostering the design of public policies focusing on people, with a real impact on society at large. The competition’s participants, 35 public sector workers in 29 cities in Argentina, were arranged around four thematic tables: Youth, Recycling, Youth Employment, and Modernising the State, and for seven months they worked on resolving their respective local issues. The competition’s winners are travelling to Spain to visit the country’s most innovative cities, and among them Bilbao.