“Converses de Maig” in Valencia and Bellreguard

Two workshops are held on 16 and 17 May under the heading “Converses de Maig. Sumar per a governar-nos el territori” [May Conversations. Collaboration for governing our territory].  The first one will take place in Valencia and deal with metropolitan areas, while the second one in Bellreguard will address Territorial Management.

The workshops focus on local management and the advantages of collaboration, being designed for people with a technical profile or working for local authorities. They include a presentation on Metropolitan Bilbao’s Strategic Plan and the public-private partnership in the Bilbao Metropoli-30 Association.

The workshops are organised by the local authorities, the Ajuntament de València and the Ajuntament de Bellreguard, together with Consorci Comarques Centrals Valencianes (Consortium of Central Districts in Valencia) and the IIDL (Inter-University Institute for Local Development) at Valencia University, along with the Nexe Foundation.