Cookies Policy

The Association for the Revitalization of Metropolitan Bilbao (“Bilbao Metropoli-30” or “BM30”) uses its own and third-party cookies to maintain the session and user preferences, personalize the browsing experience, and obtain statistics about use of the website. By continuing to browse the BM30 website, you agree to the terms of the Cookies Policy described below. Since this policy may be updated from time to time, you should check back on a regular basis.

What are the cookies?

Cookies are files that websites store in the user’s browser and which are necessary for providing interactive services when browsing the web. See types of cookies.

What type of cookies are used in BM30 website?

The cookies used on the BM30 website are temporary and are never used to collect personal information.

Own cookies:

  • BM30 uses session cookies for technical purposes, strictly necessary for website function. They enable users to browse the website and use its essential features, such as maintaining the session. These cookies do not store any personal data or collect any information on user browsing for marketing purposes or remember which pages have been visited.
  • BM30 also uses customized cookies, which allow users to customize certain features, such as the browsing language, providing a better browsing experience better suited to the user’s profile.

Third-party cookies:

  • Analysis cookies: BM30 uses “Google Analytics” cookies, which are owned and controlled by Google, Inc. These are four cookies called “utma, utmb, utmc and utmz,” used to anonymously measure and analyze website browsing. They are used mainly to obtain information on the number of visits, web pages visited, etc. This information makes it possible to provide a better and more suitable service to users.
  • Social network cookies: On some pages of the BM30 website visitors will find buttons such as “Like” or “Share,” which are used to share certain content from the website with social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, or Tuenti. This function involves the use of cookies which link to the social network websites. For further information on the use of cookies on social networks, check with the network’s own cookies policy.

How to uninstall cookies

You can configure your browser to alert you every time a cookie is offered by a website’s server and set your browser option so that you will not receive cookies. Most browsers have options that allow you to reject and delete cookies, but the procedure may differ from one Internet browser to another.