BasquePRO Elkargoak

Since its launch in 2011, marking the 20th anniversary of Bilbao Metropoli-30 that year, the Association has worked on a project called BasquePRO, linked to professionalism, as an exemplary value for our future. BasquePRO emphasises the importance of people and their values, their ability to create ideas, to implement projects, to generate enthusiasm, to work with passion, to sacrifice themselves, and to take risks, as a strategic lynchpin for future development.

Highlights in this vein are the activities being undertaken within the BasquePRO Elkargoak network of professional associations, with which Bilbao Metropoli-30 has been working very closely from the start. This umbrella body represents around 50,000 chartered professionals in the Basque Country. These associations have joined forces to work together on projects of shared interest, in which their combined strengths enable them to better articulate the civil society they represent, given their role as organisations with the potential to support professionals throughout their entire careers.