“24h Innovation” of LEINN bachelor’s degree

On 15-16 February Bilbao Metropoli-30 takes part in the “24h Innovation” of LEINN bachelor’s degree.

“24h Innovation” is the final “exam” for a team graduating in Entrepreneurial Leadership and Innovation (LEINN) from Mondragon University. It is a special event within the community of entrepreneurs at the Mondragon Team Academy (MTA): a creative process to come up with innovative solutions. A company poses a challenge, and a team from LEINN resolves it with innovative and practical ideas, working on the case for 24 hours non-stop. The goals are as follows:

  • Create new knowledge
  • Find innovative and original ideas for their implementation in businesses
  • A challenge for the entrepreneurial team at LEINN

The challenge that Bilbao Metropoli-30 is posing for “24h Innovation” is how to orchestrate civil society’s involvement in the design of the city’s future.

The following companies are taking part: IKEA, Bilbao Metropoli-30, Aldra start up, Zabalketa, Campus2Bussines, Tubacex, Lantegi  Batuak and Fagor Ederlan.