Catalyse project

The Association Forum d’Avignon, ecce-European Centre for Creative Economy and Bilbao Metropoli-30 (whose partner is the City of Bilbao), created the project called “Catalyse: Culture and Creativity activates territories attractiveness“, to highlight the importance of culture and creatives industries as active drivers of urban development. This project was supported thanks to an European Union Culture Program’s grant.

According to the “Strategy 2020” of the European Union, that integrates culture and creative industries as drivers of change, the three organizations – the Forum d’Avignon, Bilbao Metropoli-30 (in collaboration with the City of Bilbao through Bilbao Ekintza and Alhóndiga Bilbao) and ecce-European Centre for Creative Economy established the European Network “Catalyse”, in order to enhance the contribution of culture and creative industries and what they ‘catalyze’ for the future of European territories. This work continued until May 2014 – through the realization of studies, concrete proposals and International Meetings (Forum d’Avignon Ruhr -27 to 28 June 2013-, the Forum d’Avignon in Avignon -21 to 23 November 2013-, and Forum d’Avignon Bilbao -5 to 8 March 2014-).

This European network and cooperation project meet the three specific objectives of the EU Culture Programme: to support the trans-national mobility of people working in the cultural sector, to encourage the trans-national circulation of artistic and cultural works and products and to encourage intercultural dialogue.