Connected Places Catapult

On 2021 October 19 Bilbao Metropoli-30 and the Department for International Trade, the Commercial Office of the British Embassy in Bilbao, organized a joint day with Connected Places Catapult (CPC).

Catapults are the UK’s research centers of excellence and a global benchmark in the application of new technologies to real-world problems. Connected Places Catapult analyzes city models to develop their ongoing projects. They connect companies and leaders in the public sector with cutting-edge research to catalyze innovation and develop new models and markets.

His background and international experience is reflected in such emblematic projects as the transformation of the Queen Elizabeth II Olympic Park in Stratford or the King’s Cross area to name more well-known projects. The work policy of these CPCs is to align with local partners to combine their know-how with the local idiosyncrasies. Their focus is 360º and they would be very interested in participating in local projects.

For more information or possible collaboration: Department for International Trade – Bilbao

Video about CPC: