URBAN REVOLUTION Aurrera! – The Bay Awards premiere

The Bay Urban Visioning Awards is a platform for sharing knowledge, a connector and a showcase for successful urban projects and initiatives. The premiere will be held in Bilbao on October 25 and 26, 2023 under the format of an international conference – URBAN REVOLUTION Aurrera!

Why The Bay Awards?

The Bay Awards is a project born from the firm conviction that all cities and regions of the world face similar global challenges and from the awareness that the same thinking that has brought us this far cannot be part of the solution.

Why The Bay Awards premiere?

We need innovative, disruptive and courageous insights, knowledge and projects that inspire us all to think, plan and act differently. We need to generate spaces of true listening, human interconnection and profound exchange in which the people who participate are present in body, mind and, most importantly, spirit.

The international conference URBAN REVOLUTION Aurrera! and the launch of The Bay Awards premiere offer a chance to stop and listen in depth to the contributions of significant people who have a view on the future of cities and metropolises that is elevated above a short-term vortex of immediate events.

Our speakers