“Good practices: Basque at work” round table

In the fourth edition of the Elkargo Ekin activities we have had three invited speakers for the round table “Good practices: Basque at work”. Thanks to them, we have been able to hear experiences from the field of industry, social education and justice.
The driving force of the Basque Language Committee of the PLASTIGAUR company in Andoain has explained to us the Basque Language Plan 2020-2024.
Izaskun De la Rúa Madrazo, representative of the Euskadi Institute for Reinsertion, has informed us of the progress made since 2015.
Lastly, the lawyer Jaime Elías has delved into the non-standard linguistic situation of the courts in the Basque Country.

Organized by: BasquePRO Elkargoak Euskaraz